Businesses have a deep responsibility to employ ethical, fair, and ecologically sensitive business practices, and also to actively engage with fundamental societal issues. My business ventures deep and focused social and environmental initiatives span the countries across its operational footprint, leading to my companies being recognized as a global leader in Sustainability.

The success of my business ventures has been driven by its cutting-edge expertise in technology and understanding of global industries, which deliver real business value to its clients innovatively and consistently. This innovation and consistency are driven by its ground-breaking efforts in technology, quality of service, and predictability.

To Success

The research and development programs have created a rich culture with a growing inventory of my companies, which are deployed into client solutions.

Under my guidance, P S Exports has grown to become one of India’s leading apparel export manufacturing companies. I have also actively involved in my other ventures like Shanta Ayurveda Hospital, Mangala Heritage Retreat. I have over two decades of experience in the domestic and international markets.