Pratham Hospice Trust, Chennai was instituted in 2006 by Ranvir Shah as a charitable trust to establish services for the care and effective treatment of terminally ill patients, and those beyond hope. It also aims to work closely with other hospices, clinics, and homes for the sick to provide such palliative care.

The Trust hopes to establish one or more hospices for the care and palliative treatment of those who are terminally ill with cancer or any other disease which needs care. It provided care to the poor, lonely, neglected, and dying in pain and indignity. The Trust provided facilities to make it possible for people to live without pain and suffering, and in conditions that would help them face the end of their lives with dignity. It focuses on the prevention of pain and relief from suffering rather than life prolongation.

Currently, Pratham Hospice Trust, Chennai provides free doctor consultations for the needy. It is run as a joint clinic with LSG 190 Foundation, as Maitreya Masonic Medical Centre.