Prakriti Foundation was founded in Chennai in 1998 to host events enquiring into the cultural heritage and inheritance of India. The vision behind Prakriti is to host events that would play a catalytic role in changing and enlarging the cultural scene in Chennai. Thus, Prakriti Foundation saw itself typically as the moving force behind events as diverse as music concerts, seminars and serious scholarly discourse, multi-media events, experimental and protest cinema and theatre festivals.

In the last 20 years, Prakriti Foundation has worked to explore identity through history and heritage, art, and cultural expression. Prakriti has been the space where scholars, researchers, artists, critics, poets, and filmmakers have been able to present their work to those who engage with it on serious terms. Prakriti’s lecture demonstrations, poetry readings, film screenings, and intimate performances continue to dot the Chennai calendar. The main areas that the Foundation is involved in are theatre, music, dance, literature, heritage, and Indology.

Through the foundation, Ranvir has organized and directed cultural festivals like the annual Hamara Shakespeare Festival, Gharana Festival of Indian Music, Tree of Life Film Festival One Billion Eyes, Parks New Festival, The Festival of Sacred Music at Thiruvaiyaru, and the Poetry with Prakriti Festival. He has worked with playwrights and performing artist’s like, Chandralekha, Shankar Tucker, Manjula Padmanabhan, Maya Krishna Rao, Akram Khan, Aruna Sairam, Dominique Vellard, etc. Prakriti Foundation runs 4 annual festivals, pan-India.

Prakriti Foundation undertook the restoration of the Muchukunda Murals, in 2012. A book was about these murals by Prof David Shulman was also published by Prakriti Foundation.