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P S Exports and Consolidates, Chennai was started in the 1970’s along with the “Bleeding Madras” fabric boom. It was founded by my father, Mr. Ranjit P Shah, who was a first-generation entrepreneur and wanted to meet the specialized demands of finely crafted men’s shirt in the American market. His humble beginning with 10 hand-operated foot pedal machines in a thatched roof verandah and terrace has now grown immensely over the years.

The core values of the company remain the same, and it continues to reinvent products according to contemporary times. The company now employs more than 500 employees, varying from seamstresses to master weavers, designers to master cutters, packers to merchandisers. The PS Export family continues to grow and make a mark in the industry.

about PS Exports and Consolidates Pvt Ltd.

We have been manufacturing fabric and garments in Chennai, South India for over 20 years, supplying some of the best known high street brands across North America and Europe.

With constant growth and modernisation made possible through the support of our clients and our team at P.S. Exports & Consolidates Pvt Ltd, we span the arc of the supply chain from loom to finished product, with state of the art weaving, dyeing and machine embroidery centers, garment and accessory manufacturing factories, in-house washing and finishing units, and our design studio in NYC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver our product in the best manner possible to our customer, as we take pride in bringing to you a product of superior quality, made by a team of people who believe that the way to engage with life is to immerse yourself fully in what you do.

This philosophy comes up from all levels in our organization and allows us to share our lives with you. Integrity, honesty, values, and ethics are the driving philosophies that validate us.
We hope this enjoyment of excellence reaches and stays with you.