Mangala Heritage Home

Mangala Heritage Home came into existence to provide better economic opportunities for local communities. We restored an old bungalow while preserving its heritage and architecture and converted it into a tourist destination.

Our Roots

I have always believed in the idea of eco-tourism and the stays at Mangala include tours to the local pottery and weaving villages. This has proved to be highly beneficial for the local communities in increased income source through foreign resources. We only source food from local farmers and everyone who is employed at Mangala are local. The home has actually brought together from different genders and races.

Mangala has been serving the Thirupungalur village population for the past 10 years.


To stay at Mangala Rural Retreat is to be ensconced in a culture in which antiquity and the contemporary are both alive. It is especially ideal for curios travelers, long-stay workshops and residency programs for dancers, writers, artists, historians and others seeking immersive creative engagements. It is equally perfect for families seeking to explore their heritage and those who are on pilgrimage routes. The setting provides you with a tranquil, welcoming experience that’s very different from hospitality on the temple circuit.

The home with a thinnai (verandah) and inner courtyards are typical of the vernacular architecture of the region. It had been abandoned for a long time and had run to utter neglect. With the help of conservation architect Benny Kuriakose, the design inputs of Shanta Guhan and the skill of the local workforce the home was restored over a period of two years.

Our mission

Tourism, Heritage and Conservation

With Mangala Heritage Home, we aim to boost Eco-tourism and lead the economic progress of our country’s local communities and environmental conservation simultaneously. The restoration of the old bungalow also helped us to preserve its heritage and architecture and build an amazing tourist destination. It is a step in the direction in keeping with the Prime Minister’s vision of cleanliness and resource conservation for the economic development and propagation of tourism.