My interest in books, art, music, and design inspired me to start of Prakriti Foundation based in Chennai, South India. Through the foundation, we organize and directed cultural festivals like the annual Parks New Festival, The Festival of Sacred Music at Thiruvaiyaru, The 2010 Poetry with Prakriti Festival and many more.

I am also a part of the Citizen’s Run Trust since its initiation in 2006 and has seen the event grow in stature, in its capacity to spread awareness and impact lives positively. The idea of the Citizens’ Run was born with the hope of getting both young and old, the expensively shod and the barefoot runner to put their energy and money into a meaningful contribution to society at large.

In the year 2006 founded Pratham Hospice Trust intending to establish services for the care and effective treatment of terminally ill patients, and those beyond hope. It also aims to work closely with other hospices, clinics, and homes for the sick to provide such PALLIATIVE CARE.

The problems I am seeking to solve are complex and demand the coordination and focus of many – leaders, governments, communities, and individuals. The work I am involved in is challenging, but I know I can get there. Together we can work for a world where all can thrive.